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Rabbit jumping down from castle (Frank)

Transform your rabbits home into a palace

Treat your buns with our range of rabbit furniture and enrichment toys designed specifically for them. Everything we make is tried and tested by our own buns, they love it and we know yours will too!

Our product is a premium product, everything I make is made by hand, by me, in my garage – including the boxes they are shipped in! This means that everything is fully customisable, as we are not limited to a single machine process that may lead to compromises on design or quality. Our products are easy to assemble and designed to last.

Rabbit castles

Castles are a great way to add extra space for your rabbits without increasing floor area. Our rabbit furniture is easy to assemble, our castles are also modular, so you can start as small or as big as you like and add to your rabbit’s palace over time. What's more, everything is handmade with love in our home, here in New Zealand.

Each piece comes with carpet on all floors to ensure there’s good traction for your furry friend to hop and play on. Most rabbits won’t enter any enclosed space that has only one entry/exit as they can feel trapped. This is why we have two.

Our rabbit furniture not only includes castles, we also have hay feeders, digging boxes, and for when they’ve worn themselves out, sleeping boxes as well. Be sure to check out our new enrichment toys too.

We’ve got even more ideas so keep an eye out on this page!

Single storey castles
Double storey castles
Hay feeders
Other rabbit furniture
Rabbit looking out of castle (Pippa)
Medium custom castle
Small cutom castle with cat (Ollie)

Custom rabbit furniture

We can also design and build custom castles to suit your space and dreams.
Find out more
Large custom castle
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