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Savannah and Cleo on our wall mounted cat furniture - scratcher shelf

Encourage natural behaviours and provide enrichment for your indoor cat

Wall mounted cat furniture

Give your cat the opportunity to play, exercise and express their curiosity in the safety of their home with our range of cat furniture.

Our wall mounted cat furniture helps give your cat what they seek in their natural environment. This includes high places to perch and see what’s happening around them, a safe place to be away from other pets and family members, and a safe place to sleep.

All of these help your cat feel safe, stimulated, and happy. Our range includes shelves, scratchers, hammocks and boxes.

We also have a range of free standing cat furniture available.


Our wall mounted cat furniture is elegant, clean, and customisable with colour options to integrate into your home’s colour scheme.

The carpet and canvas hammocks are available in three different colours. Plus, choose the timber colour from a range of four wood finishes, or keep it natural.

Hidden mounting system

We’ve designed a bespoke mounting system, which every piece of our wall mounted cat furniture fits onto. It’s completely hidden, once your chosen piece of cat furniture is installed, it appears to float on the wall.

Available in two bracket and furniture sizes to suit studs at 400mm or 600mm centres and with mounting points at every 50mm in case your home’s framing is less uniform.

One bracket and fixing screws are included with each piece of furniture.

Small (400mm stud)
Large (600mm stud)
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