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Wall mounted cat furniture - double shelf and hammock

Enrichment for indoor and outdoor cats alike

Provide your cat with furniture to enrich their lives and meet the needs of their natural behaviours. This is especially important for indoor cats, but outdoor cats will also enjoy having places to exhibit natural behaviours when they’re inside.

These natural behaviours include seeking places to rest, perch, play and scratch.
Wall mounted cat furniture
Our wall mounted cat furniture is great for cats who like to be off the floor and up high. They may feel safer up high, away from other pets or people, but they also like to be able to observe the world around them and a high perch is perfect for this.

Our range includes simple shelves as well as shelves with sisal scratchers and hammocks – perfect for lounging and sleeping. And we’ve also got a wall-mounted cat box too. All these products fit onto our bespoke universal mounting bracket and appear to float on the wall for a clean and elegant look that fits in with your home’s décor.
Free standing cat furniture
If you prefer free standing cat furniture, we’ve got that covered too. Included in our range is a cat scratcher and cat box and are working on more to add to our range including cat furniture similar to ourrabbit castles – but cat-sized.
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