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Cosy cat shelf

Your cat is naturally curious, they like to know what’s going on in their environment inside and out. A Cat shelf gives your cat a place to watch observe their world that is off the ground and just for them.

Our Cat shelf provides an ideal spot for your cat whether they are awake and alert, or fast asleep. Giving your cat with high places to sleep helps them to feel safe and secure while they are at their most vulnerable.

Use multiple steps to make a stairway up your wall to higher perches, or as steps to other pieces in our range of wall mounted cat furniture – such as our Cat box.

Size = 670mm long x 340mm wide x 40mm high


Our Cat shelf will fit seamlessly into the design of your home. The carpet surface is soft and cosy and available in three different colours. Plus, choose the timber colour from a range of four wood finishes, or keep it natural. We use Osmo Polyx-oil to help protect the timber over it's life, it is water and stain resistant and extremely durable. 

Product is shown in clear timber finish and silver carpet.

Mounting your Cat shelf

When choosing a location for your wall mounted furniture, consider somewhere with a view of the outdoors – a sunny afternoon spot works well.

We recommend mounting each piece of your cat furniture 3dxs00mm apart (vertically).

Our wall mounted cat products are available in two sizes and fit our bespoke wall brackets. These are available in 450mm wide to fit a 400mm stud centre or 650mm wide to fit a 600mm stud centre. It is important that you check which size suits your home, prior to purchasing. Here's how to locate the studs in your wall.

The Cat shelf includes mounting brackets, wall fixing screws and screws to fix the cat shelf on to the mounting bracket.

Tools required to install: 4mm drill bit, PH3 drill driver bit (or screwdriver and lots of elbow grease), PH2 drill driver bit or screwdriver, spirit level.


To ensure the safety of this Cat shelf, it is important that you mount to the wall and directly into the stud (not the nogs) using the 75mm screws provided and at a minimum of four points along the bracket. Note the four holes used do not need to be at each end, but should not be directly next to each other, to help spread the load.

Weight tested up to 30kg when installed correctly.

We aim to despatch all orders within 10 working days.



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